Looking for my next
to make a change.
The digital way.

Nikhil Dintakurthi

Freelance Podcast Producer 

& Consultant

Looking for my next
to make a change.
The digital way.

I am a Podcast Evangelist

I advise Content Creators, Influencer, Brands and NGOs in initiatives and campaigns to create and promote their Podcasts.

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This is me

Content Strategy  Writing  Social Media

Business Partnership Marketing Strategy End to End Podcast Production Audio Editing Campaign Management        Branding   Events Content   Creative Initiatives

I’m passionate about building great products that make people’s lives better. I have over 2+ years of Podcast Production and Partnership experiences.

I am a multitasking liaison who can manage end to end Production, Distribution, Marketing and Business activities related to Podcasts.

My Portfolio

Clients &


I have 2+ years of Podcast Production, and Business Experience. On my previous organization I managed to get new leads for podcast narratives with Brands. A part of my work used to involve with solving potential clients queries about Podcasting and the way it can help their brand both Monetarily and Brand awareness wise. I am currently working with multiple clients from Health, Finance, and Education.


During the Covid 19 Lockdown, I Identified the client, approached and built a relationship, conceptualized a Podcast Project also as Monetization Road map and currently producing 7 podcasts and have more lined up.

Brands I collaborated/ worked with

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Shows I Developed

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