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UPSC Podcast – First Telugu Education Podcast Show

Updated: Sep 4, 2021


- UP­SC Radio podcast is a medium to prepare UPSC, APPSC & TSPSC, completely free of cost to help aspirants and particularly who can’t afford intuitional coaching, during this lockdown time institutions are unavailable and the needs, as well as habits of people, are changing rapidly. In this podcast, the host Dinesh DVD discusses topics relevant for government exams in audio format about Geography, Current Affairs Policies of Government, and various topics about India and the world in Telugu.

- This show recently achieved more than 15,000 Downloads in the short span of 3 months, unlike YouTube which is a more reachable but costly effort to make videos in the other hand, podcasts are quite inexpensive for the host and can activate the goal of free education to all. PROVIDE FREE AND COMULPUSARY EDUCATION TO ALL CHILDREN in the age group of 6 to 14 years as prescribed by the constitution of India under Article 21-A.

“Due to less attention span on Youtube for about 3 to 4 mins its very difficult to explain complex topics and analysis to keep our listener's attention and on the other hand podcasts are a great medium to explain these topics and can maintain great rapport between me and my listeners.” Said by Dinesh Dintakurthi, Host of UPSC Radio Podcast.

- This podcast is one of the most popular shows on Gaana (Music Streaming App) and can be streamed on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast (Itunes), and any other popular podcasting apps in the world.

- At First, we started a Youtube channel for Telugu content (NCERT Videos in Telugu) for school students channel named: UPSC Radio but, its quite costly to maintain the quality and standards as an independent creator which may hamper the dreams of UPSC, APPSC & TSPSC coaching so, we experimented podcast which we connected with audience more deeply than any other formats. Our audience who has been listening to our show week on week basis are very connected to us and appreciating our efforts on a much deeper level. We want to create our content more frequently and to discuss topics that never been analyzed before and to take interviews from Civil Servants, Socialists, RTI Activities, lecturers, and professors from various fields of society.

- We podcast brothers Dinesh Dintakurthi (Host), Nikhil Dintakurthi (Producer) producing and distributing the show where we need your support in terms of amplifying our message and vision to your audience who are interesting in such type of content.

Education is a nonprofit sector in India, and we believe this podcast will be a step towards that.

Episodes released every Monday and Wednesday at 6 AM. UPSC Radio Podcast can found on all major International Podcast platforms like Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify and Streaming Platforms like Gaana. More details about our podcast at

About Us:

UPSC Radio is an attempt to help aspirants to be updated about current affairs, news, and information, policies, and contemporary issues in the simplest and easy format and in Telugu. UPSC Faculty Dinesh Dintakurthi an expert in Geography and contemporary issues

would be providing material in both audio and video format in this website.


Press Contact

Nikhil Dintakurthi

Producer, UPSC Radio

+91 9769419945

UPSCRadio_Press Kit
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